History of Canario Dance
History of Canario Dance History of Canario Dance

The canario (as it was known in Italian sources and canary in English ones) was a Renaissance dance popular all over Europe in the late 16th and early 17th century. It is mentioned in dance manuals from France and Italy, and is mentioned in sources from Spain and England, as well, including in plays by William Shakespeare.

The dance, which is most often choreographed for a singe couple, has been characterized as "a fiery wooing dance" with either Spanish origins or at least a Spanish flavor from its "rapid heel-and-toe stamps" and distinctive music.

While there are choreographies for the canario as a stand-alone dance in the dancing manuals of Fabritio Caroso, Cesare Negri, and Thoinot Arbeau, it most frequently appears as a section of a larger dance or suite of dances.

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