History of Chaabi Dance
History of Chaabi Dance History of Chaabi Dance

Chaabi, also known as Chaâbi, Sha-bii, or Sha'bii, refers to two different Music genres in North Africa :
Algerian chaabi
Moroccan chaabi

Chaabi music is frequently found in weddings and this style is often associated with the festivals. The use of popular language and the creation of new rhythms have made this style an essential complement to the dance.

Popular Artists
Daoudi Abdellah
Said Senhaji
Najat Aâtabou

Chaabi is a traditional music of Algiers (Algeria), formalized by El Hadj M'Hamed El Anka.

Originally from the Casbah, Chaabi first appeared in the late 19th century, inspired by vocal traditions of Arab Andalusian music, also the home of Flamenco music. Chaabi simply means "folk" in Algerian.

A typical song features mournful, Arabic/Berber vocals, set against an orchestral backdrop of a dozen musicians, with violins and mandolins swelling and falling to a piano melody and the clap of percussion beats. While it shares many set themes with Flamenco - love, loss, exile, friendship and betrayal, Chaabi is part of a deeply conservative tradition and its lyrics often carrying a strong moral message.

At first Chaabi remained a scandalous genre, thriving behind closed doors or in specific locations called "Mahchachat" (cannabis dens), where the admirer of this music would go to drink coffee, tea or smoke. By the late 1950s, however, it had become the people's music, played at weddings and religious festivals; and El Hajj Muhammad El Anka, "the father of chaabi" also nicknamed "the cardinal", ran courses at the Algiers conservatoire. El Anka dedicated 50 years of his life to Chaabi, and died in 1978.

In 2011, Safinez Bousbia directed a documentary on chaabi music. "El Gusto" is the story of an orchestra of Jewish and Muslim musicians torn apart by war and then reunited to play in concert.

El Hadj M'Hamed El Anka (1907-1978), considered the founder of Chaabi
Maâzouz Bouadjadj
Boudjemaâ El Ankis
El Hachemi Guerouabi
Amar Ezzahi
Kamel Messaoudi
Abdelkader Chaou
Dahmane El Harrachi, and his son Kamel El Harrachi
Cheikh El Hasnaoui
Mustapha Belahcen
Hamid Bedjaoui
Reda Doumaz
Aziouz Raïs
Abdelmadjid Meskoud
Mourad Djaâfri
Lili Boniche
Maurice El Médioni
Mustapha Skandrani
Kamel Aziz
Kamel Koubi
Mohamed El Badji
Kamel Bourdib
Abdellah Ghettaf
Cheikh Abdelatif Lemaini (TIFO)

Female Performers
Nadia Benyoucef
Radia Adda
Lyne Monty
Reinette L'Oranaise
Fadela Dziria
Naima Dziria

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