History of Doublebugg Dance
History of Doublebugg Dance History of Doublebugg Dance

Doublebugg is more or less a competitive dance within the BRR dance family administered by the Swedish Dancesport Federation.

The dance style has its background in another typical and invented Swedish dance style, namely Bugg. Bugg comes originally from Lindy Hop (Jitterbug).

Doublebugg is danced by three persons, especially a gentleman and two women. Variations occur however.

Doublebugg is mostly performed in dance competitions, but sometimes also occurred among social dancers. The dance arose during the 80s and was due to deficiency on gentlemen wanted to dance. One found out that a gentleman could dance the Swedish partner dance Bugg with two women concurrent. Suddenly a new dance style in Sweden was invented, Doublebugg.

Today Doublebugg is a small formation dance, that is conducted of three persons. The formation of different patterns and formations, for example lines, circles, triangles are apart from changing place between the dancers, one of several main features in Doublebugg. The character is free and is retrieved from someone of the other Swedish BRR dances - Bugg, Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and Rock and Roll (dance).

Various footwear is used in Doublebugg and is mainly danced to modern pop or rock'n'roll music.

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