History of Fan Dance
History of Fan Dance History of Fan Dance

A fan dance is a dance performed with one or more fans.

This form has been adapted in various countries.

The Korean fan dance, for example, evolved from Joseon Dynasty court dances and remains a popular form of traditional Korean dance.

The Spanish or Portuguese flamenco makes dramatic use of fans.

There also exists a form of fan dance in traditional Yu'pik culture in western Alaska; it bears little resemblance to the other forms.

Erotic Dance
In the West, a fan dance may be an erotic dance performance, traditionally by a woman. The performer, either entirely nude or apparently so, dances while manipulating two large fans, typically constructed from ostrich feathers.

In the UK, the fan dance has been used in the finals of the Miss Nude UK 2000 competition and in The Windmill in Soho where it replaced the tradition of nude tableaux and has since been replaced by table dancing.

related to Michelle L'amour's fan dance
In an episode of the Australian TV series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries set in the 1930s the protagonist, private detective Phryne Fisher, goes undercover as a fan dancer in a gentleman's club (Series 2, Episode 1 "Murder Most Foul").

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