History of Gankino Horo Dance
History of Gankino Horo Dance History of Gankino Horo Dance

Gankino horo, "Ganka's dance", is a Bulgarian folk dance written in 11
(undecuple) = 2+2+3+2+2 time
(typically 11/16 or 11/8)
similar to kopanitsa or krivo horo.

The name gankino seems to be used mostly in northern Bulgaria (N.W. and north central).

The basic gankino horo is a three-measure dance using the step structure also common in the dances: Dunavsko (Danubian Pravo), Povarnoto (also known as Devetorka in Macedonia) and Eleno Mome.

The three measures comprise a seven step grapevine:
starting right foot to the right,
L cross in front - two measures.

The third measure is a three step grapevine to the left:
left steps left,
R cross in back.
L to the L.

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