History of Jenkka Dance
History of Jenkka Dance History of Jenkka Dance

Jenkka  is a fast Finnish partner dance originated in Finnish folk dance. It is danced to the music in 2/4 or 4/4 time signature of about 140 beats per minute.

Men and women do similar steps.

The initial dance position is the man is to the left of the woman both facing in the direction of the line of dance, with their inner arms on each other's waists. The dancers go forward in a run similar to Polka: "left-right-left-hop(on the left foot)", "right-left-right-hop". After than they join the free arms assume the face-to-face closed dance position and proceed with the chain of pivot turns stepping "left-right-left-right" or "left-hop-right-hop".

The runs of similar steps are normally started at the beginnings of musical phrases.

Georg Malmsten composed many Jenkkas.

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