History of Leventikos Dance
History of Leventikos Dance History of Leventikos Dance

Leventikos (Greek, Leventikos; Macedonian: Pusteno), also known as Litos, Kucano, Neso, and Bufskoto Oro, is a dance of western Macedonia, mainly performed by ethnic Macedonians and Greeks in the town of Florina, Greece and in the Resen and Bitola regions in the neighbouring Republic of Macedonia.

The meter varies: one is 12 = 3+2+2+3+2 time with the metric 3s divided into quadruplets, but because of the speed, the metric accents may sound more like 3+4+3+2; another one is 16 = 4+2+3+4+3, where metric 4s have sub-beats 2+2.

The third (second short) beat may be lengthened relative its written value in both variations, but less so at higher speeds, and the last beat (third short beat) may be shortened, a common Balkan treatment of meters.

The meter 12 with quadruplets appears in ethnic Macedonian tunes like Berance, Bajrace, Bufskoto, whereas the meter 16 in Greek tunes like Poustseno.

For the tune Ibraim Odza there are different performances in both 12 and 16.

The Levendikos dance performed in Petroussa is very different from the one in Florina.

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