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Barns Sheds Houses Volume 1

30 High-definition photos for use in the photography studio or use in brochures and other print publications.

Digital Photography Backdrops
Photo Backgrounds

Open fields and pastures, rail fences, cabins with wood shingles, old gas station with pumps, silos and mountain range, abandoned old houses, cabin interior closeups, cabin exterior, houses on lakeshore.

On a tight budget and need art decor?
These images can be printed with excellent results.

      300 DPI resolution
      jpg format
      15 inches wide - height varies
      Suitable for bluescreen/greenscreen chromakey
      Interior and exterior views
      Easy to resize, crop, change hues and colors
      86.3 MB zip file

Photo Backgrounds, Backdrops, Blue Screen, Green Screen for the digital background photographer, professional or beginner in photography.

Easily remove and replace backgrounds using popular photo editing software.

Original 300dpi digital backgrounds that are sized to 2400 x 3000 pixels.

High resolution textures and backgrounds for the photo shop artist, photographer and graphic designer.

Great for chroma key background replacement and still life photography backgrounds.

High-resolution digital backdrops that can be layered with other images to create beautiful photographic compositions.

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