Harp Glissando - Forest and Water - Wind Chimes
Harp Glissando - Forest and Water - Wind Chimes

Harp Glissando - Forest and Water - Wind Chimes. Meditation and Relaxation Sounds. Meditation and Relaxation. The magical tones of a harp being strummed, ascending and descending. Ten variations of glissandos spaced 15 seconds apart. Bubbling, gurgling, running water, songbird sounds drifting in the foreground and background. This forest soundscape presents a feeling of depth, peacefulness. The sound masking attributes are good since a wide range of pitches are heard. A great soothing and relaxing sleep aid. The resonating sounds of small wind chimes in the garden being blown by the wind. The beautiful, lilting tones ebb and flow as the breeze shifts from gentle gusts to periods of rest. An unobtrusive recording, these sounds have a calming effect and are very useful for relaxation and as a pleasant background for everyday activities.

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