Meditation Relaxation Sounds

Native Drums - Bamboo Flute - Tropical Rainforest Meditation Relaxation Sounds CD and Download

Native Drums - Bamboo Flute - Tropical Rainforest

Native Drums - Bamboo Flute - Tropical Rainforest. Meditation and Relaxation Sounds. The pulse of throbbing drums ebbing and flowing, in and out of hearing range, strikes a primal chord in each of us. The complex rhythm patterns offer a wonderful relaxation atmosphere. Enchanting bamboo, wooden flute sounds with an unobtrusive, ad lib melody. Outdoor space ambience and emphasis on mellow low-range and mid-range tones. Good for calming, relaxation and meditation moods. Exotic birds sing, crickets and insects chirping, the occasional ripple of thunder as the daily rain passes in the rainforest. Monkeys appear and grunt their vocalizations. Layers of sound and an ambience of space. A wonderful relaxation and sleep aid recording. A great soothing and relaxing sleep aid.

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