Meditation Relaxation Sounds

Native Drums - Bass Chimes - Wolf Calls Meditation Relaxation Sounds CD and Download

Native Drums - Bass Chimes - Wolf Calls

Native Drums - Bass Chimes - Wolf Calls. Meditation and Relaxation Sounds. The pulse of throbbing drums ebbing and flowing, in and out of hearing range, strikes a primal chord in each of us. The complex rhythm patterns offer a wonderful relaxation atmosphere. Slow tempo, deep bass chime pitches. There is a lot of reverb and resonance in these sounds lending a mysterious and contemplative feeling. The solitude of the arctic is broken by the wind and the mesmerizing call of the grey wolf, alone and in packs, howling and moving through the landscape of enchantment. A babbling brook adds to the feeling of calm. The constant and steady flow of water plus the mournful cries of the wolves make this recording a perfect relaxation and sleep aid, with the added benefit of noise masking.

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