Meditation Relaxation Sounds

Music of God with Ah Jet Cabin Meditation Relaxation Sounds CD and Download

Music of God with Ah Jet Cabin

Music of God blended with Ah Jet Cabin - Meditation Relaxation Sounds. The beautiful melody of a solo oboe resonating through the air. The engine sounds and the sweep of air is a constant sound, a type of white noise that has a definite calming effect. A great sleep aid. A warm, comforting ambience. The steady white noise also gives a sense of rushing water as from a waterfall. The tempo is slow and even making a very comfortable and relaxing environment. About the recording: The melody is derived from the text of the King James Bible, Genesis Chapter 1, Verses 1-15. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a musical note, so the resulting melody is a direct reflection of the bible text translated into music. The patterns derived from the biblical text reveal a haunting and beautiful, lyrical melody.

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