Music of God with Songbirds - Meditation Relaxation Sounds CD and Download
Music of God with Songbirds - Meditation Relaxation Sounds • CD & Download
Music of God with Songbirds

Jerry Lambert

MOG1 Music of God blended with Songbirds - Meditation Relaxation Sounds. The beautiful melody of a solo oboe resonating through the air. The singing and chattering chorus of songbirds is a memorable part of most people's lives. A mood lifter and enhancer, this recording has layers of birds singing close and far away. The chatter is steady throughout. A good selection to help alleviate the depressive blues associated with Winter months in North America. The tempo is slow and even making a very comfortable and relaxing environment. About the recording: The melody is derived from the text of the King James Bible, Genesis Chapter 1, Verses 1-15. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a musical note, so the resulting melody is a direct reflection of the bible text translated into music. The patterns derived from the biblical text reveal a haunting and beautiful, lyrical melody.

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