Bamboo Flute Wood Flute Sounds blended with Cicadas Sounds
Bamboo Flute Wood Flute Sounds blended with Cicadas Sounds

Tinnitus Relief Masking Sounds - Bamboo Wood Flute: Enchanting bamboo, wooden flute sounds with an unobtrusive, ad lib melody. Outdoor space ambience and emphasis on mellow low-range and mid-range tones. Good for calming, relaxation and meditation moods. Masking for sounds in lower spectrum. A great soothing and relaxing sleep aid. Put on your favorite set of headphones or earbuds, sit back and relax in your recliner or sofa, and let time pass in your state of total relaxation.
Cicadas: A chorus of high-pitched cicadas rising and falling in the foreground with a constant mid-range cicada chorus in the background. Excellent masking effects for locations with fans, machinery, or ringing in the ears.
60 minutes

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