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  • 522 Ready To Use Writing Paper Templates • Writing Paper Download Package

    Letter paper size • 8.5 x 11
    Ledger paper size • 11 x 17
    Legal paper size • 8.5 x 14
    A4 Paper Size • 8.3 x 11.7
    Portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientations

    Spend more time on your writing, not searching for the right paper.
    Printable handwriting paper makes your writing go easier and faster. A large variety of paper templates at your fingertips means you always have the right tools for finishing the task at hand.
    Many users of writing paper now print pdf images as needed rather than buying it pre-printed.
    Writing paper for general use, special occasions, attention-getters, school - college study, handwriting practice, to-do lists, memos, grocery lists...

        This package contains 522 writing paper templates
        Ready to use - just open a file and select print
        Professional and amateur writing materials
        Save time and money by printing your own paper
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  • Calligraphy
    calligraphy Writing Paper Template Download
  • Calligraphy Writing Paper
    Portrait & Landscape Orientation • 16 templates

    Calligraphy guide and practice paper.

    calligraphy guide paper; light-green, light-blue
    continuous lines, blocked sections
    1 to 1 ratio, 1 to 2 ratio
    nib point 07, nib point 10, nib point 14

  • Colors
    colored Writing Paper Template Download
  • Colored Writing Paper Portrait Orientation
    Letter Size & A4 Size • 137 templates

    Writing paper in a variety of colors for general use.

    background: light-green, light-blue, light-yellow, light-red, light-grey
    thin black lines, medium black lines, thick black lines
    thin white lines, medium white lines, thick white lines
    thin light-blue lines, medium light-blue lines, thick light-blue lines

  • Cornell Notes
    cornell-notes Writing Paper Template Download
  • Cornell Notes Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 6 templates
    The Cornell method provides a systematic format for condensing and organizing notes. The paper is divided into two columns: the note-taking column and the questions-key word column.
    Notes from a lecture or teaching are written in the note-taking column; notes usually consist of the main ideas of the text or lecture, and long ideas are paraphrased. Long sentences are avoided and symbols or abbreviations are used instead.

    writing space on left and bottom; grid on right
    writing space on right and bottom; grid on left
    writing space on left and bottom; polar grid on right
    writing space on right and bottom; polar grid on left

  • Diary
    diary Writing Paper Template Download
  • Diary Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 1 templates
    Simple daily diary.

    clean layout
    diary heading at top of page
    26 medium-spaced lines per page

  • French Ruled
    french-ruled Writing Paper Template Download
  • French Ruled Writing Paper Landscape Orientation
    Letter Size & A4 Size • 2 templates

    French ruled, or Séyès paper, is the standard lined paper used by students in France with lighter or thinner horizontal lines inside the main grid, a left margin, and some space without the horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the page.
    An excellent tool to practice cursive writing or practice calligraphy.
    Indentations, such as at the beginning of a paragraph, can be kept consistent using these vertical lines.
    Also used as general writing paper

    landscape letter size
    landscape A4 size

  • Casual Letter
    friendly-letter Writing Paper Template Download
  • Casual Letter Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 2 templates
    Simple template that can be used in everyday writing.

    16 wide-spaced black lines for text
    labeled date and signature lines
    blank date and signature lines

  • Highlighter
    highlighter Writing Paper Template Download
  • Highlighter Writing Paper
    Portrait & Landscape Orientation • 7 templates

    Useful for kindergarten or beginner students. Templates have the lower writing area highlighted in yellow or blue indicating where the letters should be placed. Solid lines have been separated to help locate the writing area. Makes it easier for letters to be formed and spaced correctly.

    light-blue highlighted area
    yellow highlighted area
    3 lines with story space at top
    landscape with 5 lines
    landscape with 8 lines
    portrait with 14 lines

  • Italic
    italic Writing Paper Template Download
  • Italic Writing Paper
    Portrait & Landscape Orientation • 4 templates

    Practice guide paper template for italic calligraphy practice.

    light-green lines, light-blue lines
    1 to 1 ratio; 1 to 2 ratio

  • Journal
    journal Writing Paper Template Download
  • Journal Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 1 template
    Simple daily activities template.

    journal heading top of page
    26 wide-spaced lines for text

  • Law Ruled
    law-ruled Writing Paper Template Download
  • Law Ruled Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 4 templates
    Useful for note taking or as general writing paper.

    light-blue lines, margin on left
    light-blue lines, margin on right
    black lines, margin on left
    black lines, margin on right

  • Lined
    lined Writing Paper Template Download
  • Lined Writing Paper
    Portrait & Landscape Orientation
    Letter - A4 - Ledger - Legal • 50 templates

    General use.

    narrow line spacing
    wide line spacing
    college rule
    black lines
    light-blue lines

  • Poor Eyesight
    poor vision Writing Paper Template Download
  • Poor Eyesight Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 4 templates
    Designed to be easy-to-read for those with poor vision.

    heavy black lines
    heavy blue lines
    12 wide-spaced lines per page
    19 wide-spaced lines per page

  • Manuscript
    manuscript Writing Paper Template Download
  • Manuscript Writing Paper
    Portrait & Landscape Orientation • 6 templates

    Cursive writing practice guide paper.

    light blue lines
    1 to 1 ratio grid layout
    upper-case, lower case guides, 3 sets per page
    upper-case, lower case guides, 4 sets per page

  • Nature
    nature Writing Paper Template Download
  • Nature Themes Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 140 templates
    Fancy writing paper for general use, special occasions, attention-getters.
    • If you want photo realism, print on matte photo paper (not semi-gloss). Matte photo paper allows you to write with pen or pencil.
    • Use photo glossy paper for attention-getters, posters, and use a magic marker for writing.

    various text cloumn layouts
    with text lines and no text lines
    mountains; clouds; lakes; pastures; birds; waterfalls; butterflies; great blue-heron; sparrows; turkeys; snow; lightning; trees; plants; berries; bridges; arch-bridges; pond, autumn leaves; farm houses; cabins; flowers, blossoms; deer; peacock; oar-billed heron; eagles; mockingbird; trees; coves; mountain streams; zebra; camel; dogwoods; black bears; walkways; chuck wagon; sunset; farm implements; turtles; mules; rhinocerous; sheep; pathways; giraffe; horn-bill; silos; tiger; raccoon; barns

  • Penmanship
    penmanship Writing Paper Template Download
  • Penmanship Practice Writing Paper
    Portrait & Landscape Orientation
    Letter Size - A4 Size - Ledger Size - Legal Size • 88 templates

    Writing practice and guide paper templates.

    portrait: 4 lines, 5 lines, 6 lines, 7 lines, 8 lines, 9 lines, 10 lines, 11 lines, 12 lines
    landscape: 4 lines, 5 lines, 6 lines, 7 lines, 8 lines, 9 lines, 10 lines

  • Children
    red-blue-dotted Writing Paper Template Download
  • Children's Practice Handwriting Paper
    Portrait & Landcape Orientation • 18 templates

    Common red-blue-dotted lines kids and beginners handwriting practice guide templates.

    red-blue-dotted; 1/2 inch line spacing
    red-blue-dotted; 1/4 inch line spacing
    red-blue-dotted; 3/8 inch line spacing
    red-blue-dotted; 5/8 inch line spacing
    red-blue-dotted; 3/4 inch line spacing

  • Reporters Note Pad
    reporters-notebook Writing Paper Template Download
  • Reporters Note Pad Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 2 templates
    Narrow column wide-spaced lines for note taking.

    4 inch text column
    22 heavy black lines
    22 heavy blue lines

  • Script
    script Writing Paper Template Download
  • Script Writing Paper
    Portrait & Landscape Orientation • 6 templates

    Handwriting practice guides.

    printing, italic, cursive writing guides
    right-hand slant

  • Shorthand
    shorthand Writing Paper Template Download
  • Shorthand Pad Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 3 templates
    Stenographer's note pad for shorthand, dictation.

    6 inch text column; 2 divisions; red division line
    black lines; blue lines
    18 lines per page
    26 lines per page

  • Slant Ruled
    slant-ruled Writing Paper Template Download
  • Slant Ruled Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 24 templates
    Easier, more comfortable writing with slanted lines to the left and to the right.

    right-handed slant; left-handed slant
    slight and severe slant angles
    narrow rule; medium rule; wide rule
    black lines; blue lines

  • Wide Ruled
    wide-ruled Writing Paper Template Download
  • Wide-Ruled Writing Paper Portrait Orientation • 2 templates
    Printing, cursive practice writing guides for children, beginners.

    blue lines; black lines
    line, dotted, line; 3/8 inch spacing

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